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“Fantastic seminar. Shelley was terrific. Great choice for the opening speaker. I enjoyed Chris Brewster & Ralph’s input in the first session. Great stuff. It was interesting to listen to the thoughts of the panel in session #2. In the afternoon I went to Safety in Ocean Water Swims, Cold Water & Marathon Swims. Dr Miller provided very valuable information in an accessible way. The panel for Marathon Swims was unbelievable. It speaks volumes that you could pull all of those people together in one place. I could have listened to that panel exchange information for hours.”

Bob Needham
Bob Swims for Suicide Prevention (Oregon)

Conference Videos

1. Introduction
Steve Munatones and Rob Butcher open up the conference. The Open Water Safety Conference was held March 19-20, 2011 in San Francisco.

2. Keynote Speaker
7-time world champion Shelley Taylor-Smith gives the keynote speech.

3. Chris Brewster
U.S. Lifesaving Association President Chris Brewster provides an overview from a lifesaving professional’s point of view.

4. Ralph Goto
Ralph Goto, administrator from the Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division, city and county of Honolulu, provides an overview from a lifesaving professional’s point of view.

5. Inherent Risks
The inherent risks of open water swimming, with Steve Munatones, Chris Sheean, Eric Juneau, Ralph Goto, Jim Wheeler.

6. Current Rules
Current rules and guidelines used in open water swimming, with Steve Munatones, Lynn Hazlewood, Shelly Taylor-Smith, John Dussliere, David Robinson, Marcia Cleveland.

7. Emergencies and Contingencies
Emergencies and contingencies, with Steve Munatones, Chris Brewster, Bob Placak, Kate Alexander, Capt. Brent Jacobsen, Dale Petranech, Mike Carr.

8. Safety in Ocean Swims
Steven Munatones, Kaia Hedlund, Malcolm Cooper, Lt. Greg Buchanan, Joel Wilson, Dale Petranech, Ralph Goto

9. Safety in Lake Swims
Steven Munatones, Chris Sheean, Karen Reeder, Lynn Hazlewood, Dick Sidner, David Robinson

10. Safety in Marathon Swims
Steven Munatones, Paul Asmuth, Shelley Taylor-Smith, Eric Juneau, John Dussliere, Marcia Cleveland

11. Safety in River Swims
Glenda Carroll, David Robinson, Lisa Hazen, Jim Wheeler, David Barra

12. Safety in Warm Water
Dr. Jim Miller, Ralph Goto, Liz Tucker

13. Safety in Cold Water
Dr. Jim Miller, Paul Asmuth, Eric Juneau, Marcia Cleveland

14. Equipment Used in Races
Steven Munatones, Bruce Wigo, Morty Berger, Dick Sidner, Bob Placak, Mike Carr, Chris Brewster, Liz Tucker

15. What Swimming Can Learn From Other Sports
Dr. Jim Miller, Bruce Wigo, Lt. Greg Buchanan, Capt. Brent Jacobsen, Jim Wheeler

16. Closing Speech: Maddy Crippen
Maddy Crippen from the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation provides the closing speech for the conference.

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