Welcome to the Coaches Education Program

Welcome to the Coaches Education Program

In the Coaches Education Program, you will be able take the online tests conveniently right here within the members area. You will see the results of your test instantly upon completing each test.

Coaches Education

Course Description
This is a comprehensive Open Water Swimming Coaches Education Program for pool swimming coaches, triathlete coaches, masters swimming coaches, fitness coaches and endurance sports coaches and multi-sport coaches. Are you interested in learning the details of open water swimming and the best and most current practices and methodologies of the sport?

What to expect in this course…
The certification program will educate interested individuals on everything from proper swimming techniques to race tactics. Individuals who pass the program will be able to safely coach young children in short introductory open water swims as well as escort marathon swimmers in the English Channel.

An Overview

Open Water Safety

  • The Marine Environment and History of Open Water Swimming.
  • The Basic Blocks – The Pyramid of Open Water Swimming Success.
  • Fine-tuning Stroke Efficiency, Pacing and Positioning in the Open Water.
  • The Equipment Used in Open Water Swimming – from Local Races to the Olympics.
  • Officiating and Logistics in Open Water Swimming.
  • Refueling and Hydration in Open Water Swimming.
  • The Psychology and Physiology of Open Water Swimming.
  • Marathon Swimming, Channel Swimming and Solo Swims
  • Financing and Sponsorship

A Real Educational Program with High Quality Course Material…
This Education Program is based upon Steven Munatones’ book Open Water Swimming.

Program Registration Fee: $75 USD
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Open Water Swimming by Steven Munatones